What is DreamFlat?
A user-friendly, powerful app for visualizing interior design. DreamFlat merges design, real estate, furniture, finishing and consumers in a shared common virtual space.
Who uses DreamFlat?
Visualize thousands of m2 per day in a photorealistic quality in a new way. Collaborate with designers, furniture and decoration sellers at one common space. Post your real estate objects in DreamFlat catalog where each user can visit the apartment he likes and contact you to buy it.
Visualize and post in DreamFlat your ideas, create a photorealistic content: 3D layouts, renderings, video flythroughs, 3D and interactive tours, VR tours. All this will facilitate the process of design approval with customers and give you the best tool to develop a portfolio or an eye-catching ad.
Furnishing Companies
Boost sales through a digital catalog, collaborations with interior designers and your real estate database. Visualize interior concepts with your furniture or decoration based on accurate 3D room models in a few minutes!
DreamFlat offers a photorealistic graphics quality and is easy to use. Even amateur users can design a room (flat, office, etc.) and create an interior in the matter of a few minutes.
Get amazed by quick creation
of visualizations in DreamFlat!
Get inspired by designs and showrooms created in DreamFlat!
One room
32 sqm lounge area concept in warm tones
Created in 12 minutes
See the advantages of DreamFlat
Maximize the experience in our program to implement all your ideas!
As quick as never
The latest version of Unreal Engine 5 used in DreamFlat takes designing to the new level. With this tool, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to create your dream design!
Using DreamFlat, you get an amazing graphics in real time. Make use of all program tools to receive the best possible picture. Activate RayTracing, set up the lightning sources, including sunlight, and enjoy the most quality picture.

Start using DreamFlat today

For everyone
For business
MonthlyAnnualto -18%

Full power of DreamFlat in one plan!

Use ready-made models
  • Thousands of real furniture and materials models
  • Kitchen constructor
  • Furniture resizing
  • Furniture customization
  • Work with primitives
  • Animated models of people
Upload your models
  • Upload your models (up to 100 pcs)
  • Upload your materials (up to 100 pcs)
  • Import Datasmith scenes
Customize the scene as you like
  • Fine-tuning of the sun
  • Daytime change function
  • Changeable lighting sources
  • Creation of lighting presets
Create the content and share the result
  • Static renders (up to 500 pcs)
  • Video flythroughs over the interior (up to 200 pcs)
  • 3D tours with mobile device support (up to 200 pcs)
  • VR mode
  • Quick project sharing
Invest in DreamFlat!
Obtain a share in the company with the best investment proposal
  • Ready application for Windows PC
  • Functionality at the level required by leading designers
  • A platform which suits for end consumer, as well as for developers, furniture and finishing companies
  • A team of specialists in programming, design, marketing and management
SAM$ 4.17 bln**
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) – 9.9%
SOM $ 2-3.5 bln**
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) – 6.5%