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Unreal Engine 5

Powerful engine for photorealistic graphics

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Three easy steps to visualize your ideas

All you need is just a Windows PC and a little time

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Download and installation will take
a couple of minutes. Windows 10, RAM 16 GB, 4 core 2.5 GHz,
10 GB HDD, NVIDIA 1050 2 GB / AMD Radeon RX560.
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Create layout

Upload layout of your apartment
or build walls in editor.

Enjoy the magic

DreamFlat will give you an opportunity
to create your design with pleasure.

The final result
See examples of what the final result of your project might look like
In DreamFlat, you can create photorealistic renderings in real time by setting up a camera overview and taking a screenshot through the application interface. This speeds up the process of presenting apartments and interiors, allowing you to get the result without spending time on manual configuration and rendering in complex programs.
Video fly-throughs
DreamFlat includes a unique tool for creating interior videos. Define two points between which the camera will smoothly fly, capturing the dynamics of the interior in HD quality. The resulting video can be saved on your computer or shared in social media.
Video fly-throughs
3D Tour
Create a 3D tour based on your design, get the link and share the visualization of your project in two clicks. View every detail of your project in a 360° panorama from the screen of any internet-connected device. Control the 3D tour by moving your smartphone. Camera rotates are synchronized with smartphone's position in space.
3D Tour
Bring your interior alive by experiencing every detail in virtual reality. VR headset allows you to find yourself in the interior you've just created. See its scale and colors, try on furniture and finishing materials. The latest Unreal Engine 5 allows you to do this as close to reality as possible.
Interactive tour
With the help of an interactive 3D tour, you can walk around the apartment, evaluate its dimensions, the view from the window and lighting. Motion control in an interactive tour is no more difficult than in a computer game. All you need is a computer with the DreamFlat application installed and a ready—made interior.
Interactive tour
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DreamFlat – new level for visualization of 3D interiors with intuitive game-like controls.
Check how the application works.
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How to work in the app
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DreamFlat closes the gap between beginners and professionals.
From now on, designing a quality interior of studio level is available to everyone.

How to work in the app
Dreamflat closes the gap between beginners and professionals.

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Full power of DreamFlat in one plan!

Use ready-made models
  • Thousands of real furniture and materials models
  • Kitchen constructor
  • Furniture resizing
  • Furniture customization
  • Work with primitives
  • Animated models of people
Upload your models
  • Upload your models (up to 100 pcs)
  • Upload your materials (up to 100 pcs)
  • Import Datasmith scenes
Customize the scene as you like
  • Fine-tuning of the sun
  • Daytime change function
  • Changeable lighting sources
  • Creation of lighting presets
Create the content and share the result
  • Static renders (up to 500 pcs)
  • Video flythroughs over the interior (up to 200 pcs)
  • 3D tours with mobile device support (up to 200 pcs)
  • VR mode
  • Quick project sharing

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