About DreamFlat
Scope and Purpose of DreamFlat

DreamFlat is a user-friendly Windows 10 constructor for interior design concepts. You can use it to create a layout with exact dimensions, develop a high-quality interior design concept, or generate presentation materials for your project. Project creation in DreamFlat is available to everyone, no special training is required.

You can create a unique interior of any complexity by using an extensive library of interior elements with thousands of models.

You can upload your own models and use them for your project.

DreamFlat is Freemium: users can use it for free or subscribe to one of several fee-based plans that offer expanded functionality.

Comprehensive functionality, high-quality graphics, and user-friendliness of DreamFlat will benefit a wider audience: from novices and households to professional rendering artists in interior design, construction, furniture, and finishing rendering.

DreamFlat Functionality
DreamFlat Library
1. There are Thousands of Pre-Installed Models!

The software comes with thousands of models to complement your interior, including furniture, appliances, and décor. The library is constantly expanding.

2. Finishing

There are hundreds of finishing options available in DreamFlat: wood, stone, and metal. All materials are under free license for use in your projects.

3. Uploading Your Models

Designer+ subscribers can upload their own models. Enterprise subscribers can upload models for all users! You can submit your models for moderation, and after approval, they will appear in the public model and material library. Your models will become available to all DreamFlat users and will include your logo and website URL.

4. Customizable Models

You can customize all models enjoying the complete creative freedom. The closet does not fit the frame, and the bed should be wider? You can change the dimensions and proportions of your object to suit your requirements. Models with customizable components can also be uploaded. With this option, you can change the color of the sofa or the material of the supports in a couple of clicks. Model customization is available under the Designer+ subscription plan.

5. Primitives

DreamFlat offers primitives, a powerful and smart tool. This tool opens practically unlimited design horizons.

You can create plinths, window sills, zoned rooms, interior elements, furniture, and a lot more out of a set of geometric shapes. With built-in human figures, you can assess the interior scale.

The Primitives are available for Designer+ subscribers.

Final Result
There are five ways for showing your project

DreamFlat has 5 options for presenting your project: renders/photos, video fly-throughs, 3D tours, interactive tours, and VR.

You can use renders for adding high-quality photos to your project presentation or to your portfolio.

Video fly-throughs, 3D and interactive tours will show the interior from all angles.

VR tours powered by Unreal Engine 5 will take the viewer to the apartment, allowing them to experience the emotions of owning new furniture even before they buy it.

Unreal Engine 5 Graphics

DreamFlat is powered by the latest Unreal Engine 5 used in cinematography and VR-technologies. UE 5 DreamFlat offers the best and the most advanced rendering quality.

Ray-tracing and rendering take the interior design industry to a new level — every frame is rendered in real time, graphics become dynamic, and light-baking is done on the fly.

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