Tap into Your Inner Artist: Crafting Your Bathroom Design Using State-of-the-Art Tools

Envision entering your perfect bathroom, meticulously tailored to your desires. No more endless searching through catalogs or bathroom designers, or struggling to convey your vision. With the innovative Bathroom Design Tool by DreamFlat, designing your dream bathroom becomes an intuitive and liberating experience.

Get Your Creativity Flowing:

Forget about feeling overwhelmed by complicated software. The Bathroom Design Tool features a simple start option, effortlessly guiding you through the design process. Its easy-to-use interface, complete with drag-and-drop functionality, makes creating your dream space a breeze. Whether you're a design pro or a beginner, DreamFlat empowers you to craft a stunning bathroom effortlessly.


See Your Ideas Come to Life:

Watch your vision come alive instantly with the powerful rendering capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. This cutting-edge technology provides instant visualizations in various formats, from stunning renders to immersive 3D tours accessible on your smartphone. Picture exploring your virtual bathroom, adjusting details on the go before making final decisions.

A Wealth of Design Options:

Unleash your creativity with a vast array of models and materials to design bathroom. DreamFlat offers endless possibilities, allowing you to build a space that mirrors your unique style. From sleek modern fixtures to rustic vintage elements, the choices are limitless.

Harness the Magic of Light:

Transform your bathroom into a haven of light and shadow with advanced lighting controls. Experiment with different lighting conditions and witness the realistic effects powered by ray tracing technology. Picture bathing your space in warm sunset hues or the serene glow of moonlight.


Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality:

Experience your design like never before with VR support. Put on your headset and step into your virtual bathroom, exploring every detail in stunning realism. This immersive experience helps you identify any potential issues and refine your vision before construction starts.

DreamFlat: Your Ultimate Bathroom Design Companion

More than just software, DreamFlat is your personal design ally. Its intuitive interface, coupled with cutting-edge visualization tools, empowers you to create a bathroom that matches your style and needs perfectly and enables to design a bathroom of your dreams. Unleash your creativity, explore the endless possibilities, and step into your dream bathroom with DreamFlat!